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30 for my 30’s.

So I listed the 20 from my 20’s and now on to harder goal setting…30 in my 30’s! A lot of these are travel, so I have broken them down in to different trips/experiences.

1. Get my Master’s Degree (okay, I’ll be done with it in July..still in my 30’s)
2. Travel to England for a Harry Potter tour.
3. Go back to Universal to see the new Wizarding World park and probably cry again.
4. European tour- Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland + more
5. Experience New York City for the first time, all of the city life magic.
6. Do the historical New England thing again- Salem, Gettysburg, & such.
7. Visit the West Coast as an adult- California, Oregon, Washington
8. Go back to Ukraine and visit
9. Adult Disney Trip- to definitely include Epcot’s drinking around the world.
10. Vist Austin & San Antonio Texas
11. Go to Savannah, Georgia again.
12. Visit Chicago.
13. Travel to Japan, Egypt, Australia, & China (maybe)
14. Visit Las Vegas again.
15. Grow a successful garden.
16. Own a house.
17. Get a dog or two more.
18. Maybe get married?
19. Maybe have kids if I decide I want that responsibility?
20. Finish the quarter sleeve tattoo I’ve started on my upper left arm <3
21. See Billy Joel in concert.
22. See Lady Gaga in concert again.
23. Attend the “20 year” reunion shows of my favorite bands’ albums.
24. Photograph more beautiful weddings.
25. Go bungee jumping.
26. Lots more beach trips, hopefully once a year.
27. Make more photo albums of my personal pictures.
28. Continue to grow professionally as an educator.
29. Eat healthily and exercise regularly (it’s worth a shot!)
30. Be the best human I can be, volunteer, & show others love through my actions.



And here’s me, being 30 in front of a fun wall in East Nashville desperately in need of a haircut. <3