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    I'm Lauren Robertson aka that Lauren girl
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    Things you should probably know about me:
    -Born and raised in Alabama. Living in Nashville since 2010 & I love it!
    -Lover of tattoos, music, sugary coffee, dresses, and dogs (especially mine).
    -I adore British accents and anything Harry Potter.
    -Fluent in sarcasm, random song lyrics, movie and tv quotes.
    -Hanger is a real struggle for me.

    Photo by: Rae Marshall Photography

    I'm an elementary teacher living creatively via wedding, couple, and high school senior photography on the weekends and during the summer. <3 lauren@xoxolauren.com

Twenty in my 20’s.

For several years now, I’ve always admired the “30 before 30” lists and so forth and have just yet to do one.  And here I sit, less than a month away from 30, and I have yet to make one.  So, as per usual, I decided to do something different and do my own kind of list for the celebration of my 3rd decade of life.  I’m going to celebrate 20 things that I did in my twenties today and then later on 30 things I plan to do in my thirties.

Okay, here goes:

Twenty in my 20’s

Uno: Graduated from college.  Roll Tide!

2. Got a job right out of college as a 5th Grade Teacher- actually using my degree, yay!

3. Moved to my favorite city: Nashville

4. Got a job in Tennessee as a 3rd Grade Teacher- still using my degree and loving it.

5. Became a dog mom…and then a dog mom of 2. 

7. Got a tattoo, and 5 more just kind of happened. <3

8. Went Skydiving & White Water Rafting 

9. Started a photography business and began to photograph weddings and beautiful love stories!

10. Have hosted successful birthday and house parties where people actually show up and want to be there.

11. Got married….although the break-up (I hate that ugly d word) 5 years later wasn’t planned.

12. Went to a therapist for the first time ever and found the amazing wonderfulness of the author Brene Brown.

13. Watched almost all of my best friends get married (and stay married, womp womp).

14. Made some of the best friends and co-workers I’ve ever known.

15.  Saw many of my favorite bands live in concert.

16.  Started my Master’s Degree and I’ll be done this summer, woo!

17. Traveled overseas to Ukraine, London, & Vienna, more travel is definitely on my to-do list.

18. Took a self-defense class & learned to box.

19. Threw my first ever baby shower for a bestie, and throwing another one soon! That’s one fever I don’t know if I want to catch.

20.  Learned that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd, be yourself, and let yourself be open to what may come.


The twenties have been a learning experience, and definitely not what I had planned in my head so many years ago- when 30 seemed old. ;’)

I am thankful for the curvy path I have been given in this life, it has made me a more flexible and forgiving person and able to see the humor (albeit cynical and usually sarcastic) in this crazy world we live in.

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite quotes from the amazing Mr. Beuller himself:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Okay, fine, and a pic of me at age 20: 1928940_529694201685_9175_n














layered tanks, thrift shop jewelry, and fake glasses.  much early 00’s conservative scene kid. <3



Abby & Austin {Scarritt-Bennett & Cordelle Nashville Wedding}

Okay, two more weddings from this past fall and I will be all caught up and ready to start shooting for 2016!  In August, I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot for the always wonderful Rae Marshall Coale and this wedding was no exception to the amazingly gorgeous weddings Rae typically has be tag along on.  Abby and Austin had their ceremony at the gorgeous and classic Scarritt-Bennett and their reception was at The Cordelle- both in Nashville.  I was blown away by all the details of their beautiful day and they even cut the cake with a sabre!

Here are my faves:

Abby&Austin8.15.15-3Abby&Austin8.15.15-4 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-7 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-10 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-13 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-15 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-18Abby&Austin8.15.15-22 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-24 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-26 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-28 copyAbby&Austin8.15.15-30 copy



Mary & Taylor {Shoals, Alabama Wedding}

In August, I got to second shoot for the lovely Kristen Mance at a beautiful location in Sheffield, Alabama.  The ceremony was at a gorgeous church in Tuscumbia and the reception was at a new venue in Downtown Sheffield, which has really become a vibrant and exciting place in the last few years! (It was pretty sketchy when I lived in the Shoals about 10 years ago!)  Mary and Taylor were a beautiful couple with incredibly lovely details (those shoes!!) throughout their wedding day.

Here are my favorites from the day!

Taylor&Mary8.1.15-2 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-3 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-4Taylor&Mary8.1.15-6 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-9Taylor&Mary8.1.15-10 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-11Taylor&Mary8.1.15-13 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-14Taylor&Mary8.1.15-17 copyTaylor&Mary8.1.15-18Taylor&Mary8.1.15-19Taylor&Mary8.1.15-20Taylor&Mary8.1.15-21Taylor&Mary8.1.15-22