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  • Hey!
    I'm Lauren Robertson aka that Lauren girl
    Photographer, Teacher, Adventurer, East Nashvillian, Dog Mom, and Sarcastic Queen Bee.

    Things you should probably know about me:
    -Born and raised in Alabama. Living in Nashville since 2010 & I love it!
    -Lover of tattoos, music, sugary coffee, dresses, and dogs (especially mine).
    -I adore British accents and anything Harry Potter.
    -Fluent in sarcasm, random song lyrics, movie and tv quotes.
    -Hanger is a real struggle for me.

    Photo by: Rae Marshall Photography

    I'm an elementary teacher living creatively via wedding, couple, and high school senior photography on the weekends and during the summer. <3 lauren@xoxolauren.com

It’s been a while…

Hi blog followers, if there are still any of you out there!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been crazy busy and I have honestly been a big procrastinator.  It is what it is.  Anyhow, here I am, back at the keyboard.

So my last post was May 2016.  Life has gone through some crazy changes since then including but not limited to a job change, a bit of a self-discovery adventure, and lots of travels!

I’m still shooting- I’ve mainly done referral work over the past year and have been second shooting for some of my full-time peeps.  I have moved out of the classroom and into a new role as an Academic Coach which has been awesome so far!  And I’ve travelled all the way to Italy and back.  Definitely crossing off some bucket list checkmarks for sure.  But now I’m back to the blog-o-sphere to share my experiences.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

So, we all know that I’m not a full time photographer.  I love shooting weddings, people in love, and high school seniors, so I plan to continue to keep that as my main focus for XOXO,Lauren Photography.

However… I have been considering also blogging about my main gig- elementary education.  I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now (I feel like I shouldn’t be that old, alas, here we are) and I would love to be able to share and connect with others in the field outside of my system.  It’s just a thought.

Also, I’ve been considering adding a lifestyle portion to my little chunk of the internet.  I read, I go to concerts, I travel, I do activities- so maybe I should blog about it more than just my instagram feed.  Who knows- I’m just thinking out loud here.

In the meantime, while I get my blog-life figured out, here’s some pretty pictures from the past year-ish. <3
The lovelies that you saw engaged in my last blog post got married last October, it was such a beautiful and fun day!
A few snippets from Italy, I will do a full post on each of the 5 cities I visited soon!



Kristina & Jason {Nashville Engagement Photography}

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Kristina & Jason for their engagement session and am thrilled to be able to shoot their bound-to-be incredible Nashville wedding in October!

They were so much fun to work with, even on a busy Saturday downtown!  & I can gush enough about the shirts they had made that has the new last name and wedding date for the basketball inspired portion of our session!  LOVE when couples have mutual hobbies! <3

Here are my faves!

XOXO, Lauren

30 for my 30’s.

So I listed the 20 from my 20’s and now on to harder goal setting…30 in my 30’s! A lot of these are travel, so I have broken them down in to different trips/experiences.

1. Get my Master’s Degree (okay, I’ll be done with it in July..still in my 30’s)
2. Travel to England for a Harry Potter tour.
3. Go back to Universal to see the new Wizarding World park and probably cry again.
4. European tour- Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland + more
5. Experience New York City for the first time, all of the city life magic.
6. Do the historical New England thing again- Salem, Gettysburg, & such.
7. Visit the West Coast as an adult- California, Oregon, Washington
8. Go back to Ukraine and visit
9. Adult Disney Trip- to definitely include Epcot’s drinking around the world.
10. Vist Austin & San Antonio Texas
11. Go to Savannah, Georgia again.
12. Visit Chicago.
13. Travel to Japan, Egypt, Australia, & China (maybe)
14. Visit Las Vegas again.
15. Grow a successful garden.
16. Own a house.
17. Get a dog or two more.
18. Maybe get married?
19. Maybe have kids if I decide I want that responsibility?
20. Finish the quarter sleeve tattoo I’ve started on my upper left arm <3
21. See Billy Joel in concert.
22. See Lady Gaga in concert again.
23. Attend the “20 year” reunion shows of my favorite bands’ albums.
24. Photograph more beautiful weddings.
25. Go bungee jumping.
26. Lots more beach trips, hopefully once a year.
27. Make more photo albums of my personal pictures.
28. Continue to grow professionally as an educator.
29. Eat healthily and exercise regularly (it’s worth a shot!)
30. Be the best human I can be, volunteer, & show others love through my actions.



And here’s me, being 30 in front of a fun wall in East Nashville desperately in need of a haircut. <3